Our great advantage is our excellent network. Thus we bring out the best for you!

We know them all: exciting locations and the best in their respective trades – such as DJs, live acts, designers, graphic artist or technicians. With skill and creativity we find the right solution for every occasion – because we know what’s going on and what’s important. We plan with care and do everything to ensure a smooth process. Customers from a wide range of sectors rely on our sense and experience: Berlin startups, international fashion brands as well as medium-sized industry and global players.

*UM Bash 2018

Since 2012, we have accompanied the cloud pioneers of Unbelievable Machine Company as an event partner. Every year we organize the *UM Bash. The tenth edition should surpass everything. We pulled out all the stops and staged surprises on all levels. With entertainment that challenges: unconventional show acts, a tasting of insects like locusts as well as an outstanding food and beverage offer. This went down well! The guests celebrated wildly until the morning hours.

Customer: Unbelievable Machine Company Event: *UM Bash 2018 – an anniversary celebration for customers and employees
 Location: Säälchen, Berlin Pax: 700 Services: Concept, location scouting, artist management, decoration, food & beverage and event management

*UM Bash 2019

Outshine an unforgotten celebration of the 10th anniversary. The 11th edition should also offer a special experience – one that the guests will remember! To create a new and impressive experience within the annual series, we designed everything according to the motto “Mystic *UM Bash“. As always in our cooperation with the software pioneers of Unbelievable Machine Company, we focused on entertainment that challenges. A fortune teller saw into the future of the guests with the help of artificial intelligence. A Berlin city witch used a self-made uterus to turn *UM employees and customers into animals. In the rooms of the location Wilde Renate there were many secret shows to discover. An adventure, all night long.

Customer: Unbelievable Machine Company Event: *UM Bash 2019 – a great celebration for customers and employees Location: Wilde Renate Pax: 700 Services: Concept, location scouting, artist management, decoration, food & beverage and event management

Grand Opening 2020

The opening of the new office complex should be an experience. It was intended to create a special scene for rooms that would also act as coworking space. We staged the new architecture on all levels as a futuristic airport lounge, taking our guests on a journey into the future. For example, we adapted the look of the film “The fifth element” for the mappings. The guests played black light ping-pong, could see into their future with Future Tarot and enjoyed thematically matching fusion food and drinks.

Customer: Internet Provider Berlin
 Event: Opening of the new location – for customers and employees Location: Inhouse Pax: 200 Services: Concept, artist management, decoration, food & beverage and event management